We bring you this timeless Mexican recipe with an Italian twist!

Our salsas are different, they are versatile, and they can be eaten as dips or used as cooking sauces for they are free of preservatives, sugars or any artificial colorings.​


What sets our Green Tomatillo Salsas apart from other similar products is that they are made with four hot green peppers (Poblanos, Jalapenos, Serranos and Habaneros) instead of the single pepper in the traditional recipe; at Arcadia’s Kitchen we process these peppers using an Old World cooking technique, the Italian Soffritto.


Soffritto,also known as “Odori” and “Battuto”, is the holy trinity in Italian cooking where the peppers and onions are slowly sautéed in Italian extra virgin olive oil and Italian sea salt to develop their flavors and to turn it into a rich Soffritto, the base for our salsas robust flavor.


The result are flavor profiles that come to the forefront of your palate before releasing their heat.

This is a versatile sauce, you can enjoyed it as is with tortilla chips and It goes well with pan seared chicken, grilled steak, grilled pork, enchiladas, tacos, fish to name a few but it has a wide range of possibilities.

Heat levels for this sauce is Mild.
16oz. Jar


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Green Tomatillo Salsa Verde

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