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Foods as rich in History as They are in Flavor..


We started Arcadia’s Kitchen based on both of our maternal grandmothers who inspired us with their dreams, their accomplishments and the hardships they faced in Spain and Italy including their immigration to the New World.

Arcadia’s Kitchen was born from an innate love of all things culinary that started in late 1880’s with multicultural upbringing , different continents, the marrying of the old and the new, of recipes handed down by the Grand Dames in our families as well as two venerable Italian Nonna’s from different parts of Italy, Fiesole in the Tuscan hills and  the small island of Torcello in the Venetian Lagoon; They all had something in common, the love for good cooking regardless of the limitations dictated by the times of scarcity, of hunger as well as sorrow and pain.

Our salsas are different, they are versatile, and they can be eaten as dips or used as cooking sauces for they are free of preservatives, sugars or any artificial colorings.

What sets our Green Tomatillo Salsas apart from other similar products is that they are made with four hot green peppers (Poblanos, Jalapenos, Serranos and Habaneros) instead of the single pepper in the traditional recipe; at Arcadia’s Kitchen we process these peppers using an Old World cooking technique, the Italian Soffritto also known as “Odori” and “Battuto”, a holy trinity in Italian cooking where the peppers and onions are slowly sautéed in Italian extra virgin olive oil and Italian sea salt to develop their flavors and to turn it into a rich Soffritto, the base for our salsas robust flavor. The result are flavor profiles that come to the forefront of your palate before releasing their heat.

Our Red Salsa Diabla, “The She-Devil” Sauce, is made with Italian plum tomatoes, onions, Italian sea salt, extra virgin Italian olive oil, lime juice, oregano and Pequin peppers,

The Pequin pepper" flavor profile is layered with notes of citrus and a natural occurring hint of smoke when it dries; these flavors are usually masked by its heat but we were able to bring out those subtleties by adding citrus to coax less prominent flavors to the forefront and oregano for its bold and gutsy flavor that wants to be noticed.

Our recipes produce a balance of flavors by adding ingredients at different stages of the cooking process, and taking every opportunity to bring out the unique qualities and contributions of each ingredient for you to enjoy.

“Timeless Mexican Recipes with an Italian Twist”

Grandma Arcadia